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Trivia Or Die
Trivia Or Die!
Available now on XBox Live Indie Games - Download

For the last 1,000 years, the Earth's greatest trivia champions have gathered at a secret location to battle not just for their lives but for the fate of humanity itself. Can you triumph and save the world or will your defeat lead to the untimely demise of all mankind?

Game Features You Will Love:
1 to 4 players!
Over 500 questions!
Avatar support!
3 levels of computer AI!
Play alone, with friends, or against the computer!
Host will insult you if you answer wrong!
Deep storyline!

"Featuring over 500 questions, local 1-4 player, and a sense of humour, is Trivia or Die worth its 80 Microsoft point price? Of course."
7.5 out of 10
    - Nave360

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Screen Shot

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