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Earth needs your help...
The world is under siege by evil forces. It is up to you alone or teamed with a partner to save humanity in this fast-pasted, action/platform shooting extravaganza. Do you have what it takes to complete 100 levels of non-stop excitement and prove that good can triumph over evil? And when you're done saving the world, relax with up to 4 players in all-out battle mode for galactic bragging rights.

Bob Guy

Players: 1-2 Normal, 2-4 Battle
Levels: 100 Normal, 10 Battle
Awesomeness: Unrivaled
Sweetness: Pretty sweet

Nasty v1.75

New features / updates:
  • Blue "jumping" slug added to multiple levels.
  • Countdown timer after hurry message is displayed.
  • Updates / tweaks to some levels.
  • Updated title screen and menu graphics.
  • Better collission detection with destroyable blocks.
  • Fixed issue of falling through bridges.

Nasty v1.5

New features / updates:
  • Faster, more responsive jumping.
  • Three new weapon powerups.
  • More and faster player shooting.
  • Misc. bug fixes.

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