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Hypership Out of Control
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"Though at this point the retro sheen isn't exactly the newest ish on the block, Hypership pulls it off so well and so thoroughly that, if slowdown could be kept to anything less than ruthless, a real-deal NES version would be warranted. Co-op or solo, the increasingly rapid, vertically scrolling shoot-’em-up commands attention, especially while approaching the seizure-inducing, twitch-dependent heights that make it so satisfying. Add in an endearing sense of humor and cool extra modes, and Hypership's place as the creamiest of the XBLIG crop is cemented. "
- Complex.com
The 25 Best Xbox Live Indie Games - #1

"Hypership Out Of Control is a simple concept that’s been perfectly executed. Scrolling SHMUPS are ten a penny on the Indie service, but Fun Infused Games have absolutely nailed the fundamentals. Responsive movements, endearing retro graphics, a charming presentation and 4-player single screen play make for an unforgettable experience that’s fun in short doses or marathon sessions with a few mates. "
- dealspwn.com
Greatest Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010 - #5

"Blessed with an incessant one-more-go appeal, multiple gameplay modes and even global online leaderboards, Hypership will have you quite happy to live in the past for the duration."
9 out of 10
- EuroGamer

"It’s hard to not love a game as crazy as Hypership Out of Control, and I definitely recommend you purchase it so you too can experience its insanity firsthand."
5 out of 5 (Masterpiece)
- Hidden Audio Log

"This game is a steal and is one of the best available on the service."
A+ Must Own
- ExtraGuy

"Hypership Out of Control is a well executed SHMUP with a good sense of humor and tight controls, and well worth the dollar they charge for it."
4 out of 5
- Nukezilla

"You shouldn’t merely “check it out.” You should buy it. You should buy it because it’s clever, difficult, charming (in a retro sort of way) and damn fun."
- Crush Frag Destroy

"Deliciously retro, lovingly crafted and well worth the price."
8 out of 10
- Brash Games

"I fell in love with this game nearly instantly."
- Writings of Mass Deduction

"Contrary to the idea of $1 and only one mode, that some Indie games have done, Fun Infused went pretty above and beyond the call of effort."
- Final Smash

"This is a wonderful game. I can't recommend it enough."
- Drunken Gamers Radio

"It’s a ridiculously simple concept at heart, but so much effort has gone into the presentation, the brilliant music (which I’m still humming) and the wonderful humour that it’s impossible not to love it and just play it over and over again."
September 2010 XBLIG of the Month - Gold Award
- NeoGAF.com

"This is definitely one of the must have shmup games on XBLIG."
- N4g.com

"Hypership Out of Control should not be missed by gamers with fond memories of arcades and the NES era, or really any gamer looking for a good challenge."
- Gay Gamer

"Hypership Out of Control would have felt at home in any 1980s arcade, right beside such classics as Galaga and Centipede."
4.5 out of 5
- Digital Hippos

"Hypership has fantastic retro styled visuals, backed up by an exciting, pounding soundtrack that only adds to the head rushing speed. "
- Sanctuary 4 Gamers

"It's pretty exciting stuff, but all the extra modes are what makes Hypership Out of Control definitely worth buying."
- IndieGames.com

"Hypership Out of Control is the game arcade addicts have been waiting for. "
7.5 out of 10
- Game Interface

"Hypership OoC! proves that you don’t need to spend millions on graphics to make a compelling game that eases new players in and gives the hardcore a reason to go back time and time again to destroy their own high scores."
8 out of 10
- NTSC-uk

"Hypership is a very strong title and one of the best Xbox Live Indie games I've played. Hypership is very addictive, packed with replayability and provides a perfect quick gaming fix as well as keeping you entertained for hours on your own or with friends."
- Entertainment Focus

"Good, clean, exhilarating fun- and an essential 80 Point purchase."
- Dealspwn.com

"If you're a fan of retro shooters, look no further!"
9 out of 10
- Life Of A Game Dev

"This game has what it takes to be a great game and it has a leaderboard where you can see how you are faring against others. "
5 out of 5
- DarkstarMatryx

"...an exhilarating game descended from arcade classics."
- Armless Octopus

"Addicting Vertical Shooter. Hypership Out Of Control will have you begging for a sequel."
- VVGtv

"A few blemishes here and there, but ultimately a great experience. The game is rocking the hard to argue with 80 point price tag and hell, I’d pay that much just for the game’s awesome music jam."
- Two Fedoras

"Overall, an above average, frantic, Shmup to pull out at parties"
8.3 out of 10
- Brain Lazy

"Hypership Out of Control is worth the 80 Microsoft points ($1) and you will get hours of game play out of it. "
- XBLAFans.com

"If you are bored, and need something extremely fun you should really pick up this game with its price tag of 80 Microsoft points you can’t go wrong. This is a must buy!"
- Rebel Gaming

"Hypership is good arcade-y fun and well-polished..."
- Game Grump

"Vastly silly arcade dodging and collecting action, amazingly compulsive stuff."
- xnPlay

"Overall, Hypership Out of Control is a simple, yet fun arcade-style indie game that you and your family can enjoy together."
7.5 out of 10
- Nave360.com

"Hypership Out of Control is a quality game that is worth a try for 80 MS points ($1 in real money.)"
9 out of 10
- Capsule Computers

"Frustrating but fun. The difficulty of the levels increases quite rapidly but you feel like you could beat it so you keep playing over and over just to try and reach the finish line."
7.5 out of 10
- ZTGD.com

"Hypership is a challenging, often humorous, fun game that does a lot right..."
- 1Up Or Poison

"Hypership Out of Control is an old-school arcade-style action game that could well have been developed in the early 80’s and sat alongside games like Galaga during the arcade heyday."
- 8 Bit Horse

"If you’re a fan of shooters and games that punish you at the beginning but reward you as you get better, this is the game for you, and is an example of what good Indie Games should be in general."
9 out of 10
- Xbox Hornet

"I can’t even begin to say how glad I am that Hypership Out of Control is on the Xbox Marketplace and not an arcade cabinet. I would be pumping that cabinet full of quarters and go broke in a matter of hours."
- DIYGamer.com

"I enjoyed the game enough to sacrifice sleep for it."
- The Animal Farm

"It’s a great fun, fast and overall enjoyable game that brings back the feeling of being in a arcade and the fun of chasing the highest score."
8 out of 10
- Girl Gamers UK

"Hypership once again proves that simple can be extremely fun and addicting."
- Morning Toast

"The game is fun. Eye-melting, curse-yelling, holy-crap-it's-four-in-the-morning fast-paced fun."
- Digital Quarters

"Hypership Out Of Control is a genuinely rewarding little title that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear. "
- Dealswn.com

"Hypership Out of Control, however, comes with a unique hook that actually makes the genre feel a bit fresher than I’m used to."
- DIYGamer.com

"With its authentic retro graphics and music, dirt cheap price tag (80 MS points, i.e. $1 USD), and addicting "Just one more try" gameplay, Hypership Out of Control is one of the finest XBLIGs to be released to date."
- Zeboyd.com

"This is as retro as it gets – you steer a spaceship that is getting faster and faster trying to keep control. Looks worth checking out for just a dollar (80 MSP)."
- IndieNerds.com

"If you enjoy playing multiplayer indie games this would be great at parties or family game nights."
8 out of 10
- SFX360

"Hypership Out of Control should be a welcome addition to any gamers collection."
- Gamergeddon

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