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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are answers to some of the most often asked questions about Abduction Action!. If you have a question you would like included in this list, please email the question several times to kris@funinfused.com.

Which systems will I be able to play Abduction Action! on?
The initial release for Abduction Action! will be for Xbox Live Indie Games. There will be a PC release at some point after that (at least a few months later, if not more).

When will Abduction Action! be released?
We had estimated that Abduction Action! would be available on XBLIGs in February of 2010 (even one of our videos makes this claim). Since that estimate, we've decided to redo several of the game's graphics and add an extra layer of shine to the overall package. This will likely push the release date into March of 2010.

Is Abduction Action! the greatest game ever made?

Does Abduction Action! have different gameplay modes?
Abduction Action! features story mode and score attack modes. Story mode has you progressing through four story levels on a mission to become the greatest UFO pilot ever. Score attack mode has you abducting and killing Earthlings in a senseless quest for points.

What do you say to critics who claim Abduction Action! bares a striking resemblance to Super Mario Brothers 2?
This game is much more like Super Mario Brothers 3.

Is it really like Super Mario Brothers 3?

Can you abduct chickens, cheerleaders, and even other aliens?
Yes, yes, yes.

Can you abduct toasters, mailboxes, and Fatty Arbuckle?
No, no, maybe.

How much will Abduction Action! cost?
Abduction Action! will sell for 80 Microsoft Points, or roughly the equivalent of one Earth dollar.

If Abduction Action! was a condiment, what condiment would it be?
Barbeque sauce.

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