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Articles, interviews, previews, and reviews for Abduction Action!. If you opperate a website that would like to review Abduction Action! or has reviewed Abduction Action!, let us know by emailing kris@funinfused.com. If you wish to promote our game, please see our Press Kit.

"Great humour, a lot of variety, and an 80 Microsoft Point price makes Abduction Action! a great buy."
- Writings of Mass Destruction

"Overall, Abduction Action is a solid experience in all aspects and well worth the set price of 80 Microsoft Points."
- Gamer Geddon

"My recommendation is to don't even bother with the trial, just use those 80 points and go straight for the purchase. Its well worth it!"
- XNAReport.com

"For less than the purchase price of a one liter bottle of soda, one can have hours of entertainment and laughs."
- Associated Content

"Overall, I will have to give this one a good rating and recommend it to all who dream of being an alien and abducting cattle for weird experiments."
- Xblig.co.uk

"For the low price of only 80 Microsoft Points, Abduction Action is pretty worthy of a buy. The game is fun to play and the story will make you laugh as we find out that there may actually be no intelligent life out there after all."
- SFX-360

"There are plenty other UFO games on the Internet you can play for free but none are as smooth to control, have such a variety of tasks nor will have you chuckling away like this one. "
- GirlGamersUK.com

"Get ready to steal cows, birds, and blondes as you fight off the paltry human defenses!"
- XboxHornet.com

"...it's definitely an entertaining time and well worth the 80 MS Points for those few hours of arcade-y fun, and I could see a lot of people enjoying the Score Attack mode even longer than that."
- XBLARatings.com

"...Abduction Action! is worth checking out. For only $1, it is one of the more-humorous indie games and an amusing addition to anyone’s indie library."
- ArmlessOctopus.com

"Abduction Action is a comical time-waster that’s good for some quick gaming."
- Pow Studios

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