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Below are details and story information about the various characters that are part of the Nasty universe.

Guy and Bob

Bob Guy

Guy and Bob's are the identical sons of GuyBob, an eccentric billionaire who dislikes children and correctly prophesized that one day, an insane madman named Dr. Slug would attempt to take over Earth using an army of pixilated monsters, robots, and ghosts. After Guy and Bob's mother, Lady GuyBob, passed away in a tragic toaster accident when they were only four years old, GuyBob placed his sons in a secret military program designed specifically to thwart just the sort of unlikely threat that Guy and Bob are now called upon to thwart.

Despite being brothers, having the same father, and sharing a room with racecar bunk beds, neither Guy nor Bob are aware that they are of any relation to each other. Yet they still trust each other enough to go to battle together whenever called upon, never questioning that the other has his back.

A lifetime of the best training a billionaire can buy and two sweet guns that fire oversized blue and red bullets that could never realistically be fired from such small weapons is now the only thing that can stop the untimely demise of all mankind.

Other Guys

They have no names, no identities, and are in all likelihood fictitious. All that is known about these mysterious two is that if you play the battle mode, players 3 and 4 will control them. And that is probably all you would ever want to know about them.



Fire Slug

Fire Slug

Jumping Slug

Jumping Slug

Angry Guy

Angry Guys once had the most beatiful arms in the galaxy but the evil Doctor Slug removed them, promising to return them only when his plans for galactic domination were complete. Angry Guys now bounce around the halls of Doctor Slug's fortress, lamenting a once glorious life where their only complaint was a lack of legs.

More Angry Guy

Most Angry Guy

Blue Ghost

Formerly the galaxies premiere accountants, Blue Ghosts were enslaved by Dr. Slug and forced to give up their calculators and balance sheets for fear, terror, anguish, and pain. Bitter at a world that has scorned them, Blue Ghosts now endlessly prowl the rooms of Dr. Slug's fortress, attacking and devouring anyone unlucky enough to cross their math-deprived paths.

Green Ghost

Red Ghost

Angry Cloud




Land Shark



Ghost King

Cannon Boss

Hell Snake

Black Sun


GuyBob is the father of both Guy and Bob. He made billions of dollars selling three-eyed pet rocks, crushing less successful businesses that sold only two-eye pet rocks. He blames Guy and Bob for the death of his wife (and their mother) due to their love of toast and is unaware of the much deeper conspiracy that lead to the intentional sabotaging of the toaster that killed her.

While GuyBob is responsible for sending his sons into training to become Earth's ultimate warriors and occasionally takes them out for a round of mini-golf, he himself is not in Nasty other than being mentioned casually in the game's back-story (which you are reading right now).

Dr. Slug

Dr Slug

Educated at the Harpoo Institute of Highest Learning, widely considered the Harvard of the Gooman Nebula, Dr. Slug excelled above all other pupils. He took great joy in proving his superiority over not only the other students but also his professors, several of which he drove into retirement, insanity, or pots of boiling water.

Upon graduating with a Doctorate in Communications, Dr. Slug was a writer on the moderately successful sitcom, "Ouch, Robot!". After three seasons though, ratings cooled and the network canceled the program. Angered at losing the one thing that he truly loved, Dr. Slug created an army of robots (many constructed from extras on the sitcom) and either killed or enslaved the entire planet.

Since that day over three weeks ago, Dr. Slug has traveled the galaxy, weeping for his lost sitcom and enslaving any race that benefits his cause of destroying any race that doesn't benefit his cause.

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