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Articles, interviews, previews, and reviews for Nasty. If you opperate a website that would like to review Nasty or has reviewed Nasty, let us know by emailing kris@funinfused.com. If you wish to promote Nasty, please see our Press Kit.

"Straightforward action and precision platforming are still the name of the game. Take equal parts Contra, Bubble Bobble, and Berzerk, shake vigorously, and serve over ice."
Nasty Review
- 8 Bit Horse

"Nasty costs 80 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Indie Games store. Thats a dollar for a game with 100 levels, 3 difficulty modes, cooperative play, and battle mode. The normal modes have a solid 4 hours or so of play through time."
Nasty Review
- Two Fedoras

"Give Nasty a chance, with 100 levels, 4-player local 'Battle Mode' and cooperative play, at a mere 80 Microsoft points this is a steal. Nasty but nice."
Nasty Review
- Indie Game Blog

"With all the classic gaming elements that players remember along with some fun gameplay mixed in, Nasty is retro gaming at its finest."
Nasty Review
- SFX-360.com

"...the ideas that it calls to mind from retro video game history are interesting and fun indeed. Not enough 2D old-school games are a hybrid of classic games, and Nasty pulls it off well."
Nasty Review
- OriginalGamer

"Nasty offers old-school arcade fun, and even has a permanent continue every ten levels for those who don’t want to (or can’t) marathon the whole game. Definitely a title to give a try."
Nasty Review
- xnPlay

"The game is great fun and has enough to keep you going for many hours thanks to its scalable difficulty level which adds a lot of replayability, the enemies provide a good challenge on the harder difficulties, it is almost a different game because of this and it also allows beginner and advanced players to jump in and play."
Nasty Review
- Emuholic's Game Blog

"It's easy to recommend Nasty to anyone who's a fan of retro platformering shooters and who will enjoy the scattered memories of classics from "back in the day" found throughout the game."
Nasty Review
- Pwnem.com

"It’s definitely a great game, and I’d imagine it’d be tons of fun multiplayer. It’s not perfect, and the one hit kills are just irritating. But it’s definitely worth the 400 points."
Nasty Review
- Wasted Seconds

"The fun about this particular game is that made me feel like I was gaming again in my teens, the whole retro feel was great as you blast your way through the levels."
Nasty Review
- Girl Gamers

"Over all this game offers 100 levels and I ran threw about 86 levels then said 'Geez!' because it gets so difficult its crazy! Overall I really enjoyed my experience with this game and the developers put in a lot of heart and effort. Also the design of the bosses were quite enjoyable as well, simple and classic."
Written Review
Pod Cast
- The Total Gamer

"So far, I have been really enjoying nasty and have made it as far as level 30 without too much trouble and am looking forward to completing the game. You may think that 400 is a bit steep, but hey, I think it’s worth it!"
Nasty Review
- XBLIG Reviews

"Mashing your way though 100+ levels by yourself or with a friend is undeniably a good time - you don't get much in the way of flashy or gory action like "Gam3" or "Veks and Silence" but you get a challenging, more platformer-based experience that will have you saying 'just one more level, then I go to bed - okay just one more.'"
Nasty Review
- Small Cave Games

"The gameplay is simple yet effective and can become increasingly addictive as the game progresses. The levels are varied combining an array of backdrops and many creatures to destroy, with boss characters appearing every 10 or so levels. As a result the levels never feel 'samey', which is a feet in on itself considering there are so many."
Nasty Written Review
Nasty Video Review
- WeDoTech

"Is it me or are Xbox Indie Games getting a little bit better in quality? First Miner Dig Deep, the recently released I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1, and now.. possibly Nasty. Nasty is a side scrolling shooter similar to Contra in which you shoot bad guys, collect fruit (for some odd reason) and get the highest score. The full game, which is a pricey 400 MS Points, features one hundred levels, cooperative play for up to four players, cute graphics and even cuter boss battles."
Xbox Live Indie Games get Nasty
- CrispyGamer

"One does not need too much to say about Nasty. Imagine the levels from Bubble Bobble made to the completely fit on one screen, but instead of blowing bubbles it plays in the style of Contra on the hunt for the enemy. Of course, bosses are fat, some candy and collectible power-ups in the repertoire, as well as the two-player mode. The more than 50 levels look very varied. If it plays well, Nasty could be a true co-op sensation." (note that this text was roughly translated from German to English)
Masters of Belial, Nasty, Ønes
- Gamgea.com

"Nice retro platformer. Challenging and it reminds me of some classic older platformers. The graphics are nice too."
Trial Impressions – 25 August 2009
- Indie Game Blog

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